Volunteer Opportunities

As a non-profit professional networking organization, the Lansing Chapter of the ACFE is an all volunteer entity. On May 14th, 2008, our founding President, Sarah Jennings, organized and sponsored our first information session with the goal of developing a chapter of the ACFE to serve the Lansing and Grand Rapids areas.

This meeting was highly successful with a strong turnout of interested parties from numerous industries. At this meeting, a board of directors was formed and, thus, the start of our volunteer initiative.

Without volunteerism, this chapter would not exist to serve the local needs of professionals dedicated to and interested in the prevention of fraud in the Greater Lansing/Greater Grand Rapids areas.

We will be calling on our local membership to assist with the expansion of this chapter. Please check back soon for potential volunteer opportunities.

Additionally, if you have a specific expertise which could further the advancement of our chapter, please feel free to email the board. Board email addresses are linked directly to each Board of Director’s name under the Board Member page. 

Thank you for your support and dedication!